This winter you can feel yourself in the time tunnel

This winter you can feel yourself in a time warp. Hippie and bohemian style romance of the past years will be rampant. Winter clothing will be missing from the spring breeze. Also tassels, black socks, plaid and floral shades of gray in the winter with frequent karşılaşacağızmodacı of the dreary weather, are determined to not let that impact your wardrobe. For that reason, it is always spring and flower in winter clothes will be. Inherited from the flower children of the 70s, with plenty of bohemian dresses, shirts, leather jackets, capris jeans, colorful beret and very fashionable beaded jewelry. You can understand us quite a lively and colorful winter season awaits!

Tassels and tartan to wrap around us “would closely follow fashion” diyenler denseniz tasseled sandals this summer will have received at least one yourself. Now we have good news for you: this “bunch entablature” fashion in the winter continues. Tasseled boots and again tassels big leather bags this winter wardrobe, your indispensable favorites as Michael Kors Indians boots reminiscent of the long boots.

Plaid’s high school years remain thinks so if you are wrong because the famous designers in 2012 plaid everywhere are using. The plaid skirt, high-heeled shoes, to dress the night, scarf and coat to be prepared. Brandroom at the store you can find 2012 Dolce & Gabbana’s collection evening dress and Aldo heels shoes to your shopping list ekleyin.aksesu are saying, do not go! 

2012 winter the most you’ll encounter one of the accessories touching the ground long enough to scarf the other one with floral motifs embellished with tassels scarves. And hand-knitted scarf in pastel colors of the more desirable ones. Accessorize Scarves house if you can visit scarf next to your other accessories you need to add the big, rough-looking shoulder bag.They review the tufted ones. “It” will never be without!